Let me blind you with my whiteness….
I took a lot of photos the other day! I wanted to have a bunch of poses that I can draw for practice.

on the theme [travel] for #drawpartytime over at twitter ^^

I took so many cuttings this summer, and all of them made it! (Quick ink doodle)

I scanned so many drawings yesterday. Instead of posting them all in an sketch dump on tumblr I’m gonna start posting one drawing a day here on instagram. I hope you all will enjoy them! Some are quick doodles like this one and some are more refined work. ^^)/ It’s the best time of the year for long walks Working hard from home today! Loose and comfortable clothes ftw. Put on my “lucky necklace” (a vintage silver locket with a precious item inside) . My favourite sweatshirt. Comfy and cool ^^ #ootd #plussize #plussizefashion

#snufkin (from #drawpartytime on twitter tonight ) ^^ Two mysterious sunflowers are blooming in our garden (I didn’t plant them and there hasn’t been any here before) What I wore at the wedding the other week btw. Pretty darn fancy for being me! #ootd #plussize #chubz Another one! (Last one for the season probably?)

Giftart for my friend @kichisu ! (It’s her original character) #kämpaSTHLM #viktigt This skull ring maybe isn’t completely my style but wearing it makes me happy because it makes me think of my sis @minniewhop . :D