[Diary drawing] the dogs reacted very different to me being down with fever. http://ift.tt/1eyRF0B

Why have no one showed me cocoon curls before?!?? So nice that no materials are needed…just a lil’ water (I didn’t even use that). I only made 6 cocoons and that took me like 4 minutes in total. Slept with them in and my hair looked like this in the morning. So easy!!!! *0* l(eft pic is at night after brushing through my hair.) by marshmallowwoman

Late evening mist at the harbour. (It’s a pretty amazing view for a busstop don’t you think?) #latergram by marshmallowwoman

From now on I’m going to be posting “private” photos at my new instagram account http://ift.tt/1iIJgDv . Art related photos are staying here but pictures of me, nature, dogs etc are going to be posted over there. You can follow one or the other, or both. Photos from both accounts will be posted on facebook and tumblr like normal.
I’m doing this to make it easier for those that only follow me for my art to not be spammed by photos completely uninteresting to them. I’ll be active on both accounts so it doesn’t matter what name you use to reply/tag me with when you want to reach me.

Listening to awesome music while resting. Been really sick, but feeling a bit better tonight. When I feel even better and have time for it I have some diary drawings sketched out I’d like to finish. :) http://ift.tt/1hi9qkp

[Diary Drawing] “Not the vegetable garden!” http://ift.tt/1kye7oZ

The dogs and I were gonna have a little rest, turned into a 4h afternoon “nap”. I woke up first….they slept longer. Guess all the action this week has taken it’s toll on all of us. XD; http://ift.tt/1j5w1A1

I made fancy dinner ✌ http://ift.tt/1h3MF4k

Work in progress. Digital inking is still hard for me but it’s getting easier the more I do it. Non cropped image is up in my tumblr : sstrawberri.tumblr.com http://ift.tt/1gioNEc

" Ryuko!!! You can do it! " #makanshoku #mako #killlakill #doodle http://ift.tt/QuWOfH

My basic art stuff (by request by anon on tumblr). Might add that my mechanical pencils are either filled with col erase or 0.7 2B leads. http://ift.tt/1jKY0Ze


The unnecessary shrinking of Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller frightens me. That’s right, it doesn’t just annoy me, doesn’t just make me roll my eyes, it frightens the hell out of me. Because it clearly means that if some real comic book fan – some boy, somewhere – doesn’t get a boner every time he sees a female in a panel, the world will end. Like something out of The Twilight Zone. Clearly. Because… what other excuse could there be? Why else would you have to go and eff with one of the only female (not to mention WoC) characters in the whole DC universe who isn’t 38-24-32?

ALSO, if you are going to cast an actress in the role who is under 200 lbs, at least make it the obvious choice – S. Epatha Effing Merkerson. Duh.

Pic via red3blog

I think Surasshu might have taken a wrong turn somewhere ;) #theblackbox #cryamore #aivi&surasshu (I colored one of my sketchbook doodles) http://ift.tt/1oaZ0Yo

First time making Mapo doufu….was too good! *o* http://ift.tt/1lsk7n5