This skull ring maybe isn’t completely my style but wearing it makes me happy because it makes me think of my sis @minniewhop . :D

I have such a happy dog right now! What is hiding out there in the dark? …;) On my way to a wedding now! (Kinda proud of the updo I made) Museum time! ♡ Celebrated our wedding anniversary today. ^^ Feels a bit like summer is over today… They would like to be friends…but they don’t know how.

Artbooks from japan also arrived today! So much inspiration! *______*

Hnnnnnnng how adorable is this???? On a letter I recieved today from amazing artist @falkenhem . Thank you so much ❤ (I hope you don’t mind me sharing this lovely drawing)

Seriously I urge everyone to check out her art, you won’t regret it!
»» Came home to find a big frog was waiting in front of our door. Not often I see them! I wonder if it gets along with the toad that’s sitting next to my roses. I guess the heatwave is driving creatures out more in the open. I think I’m gonna make a little temporary pond little creatures can use for shade and water. Never seen a kopparödla so dark and as big as this one before. It was really beautiful♥ wish I’ve had my dslr with me. !! So beautiful