Announcing a name change!
I’ve been feeling for a while now that Studiostrawberri isn’t very representative of me or where I would like to take my art.
So time for a change! I’m going back to using my full name (or variants thereof) from now on.

My homepage will be called studiostrawberri for at least a little while longer.

StudioStrawberri 2004-2014, thank you for all those years!

Chibi jrpg me (I coloured an older sketch)

#drawpartytime After taking care of two dogs alone for a week my arm muscles hurt a lot for days. I kept wondering why….but it’s really not surprising after all that daily throwing, tugging, pulling etc etc ;P

Trying to do animal and insect studies lately.

Panda eating an ice lolly (requested by @marzymarrs )

❤ the new batgirl design.

Tried to draw my friend @karrey :)

Lizard pilot says “Hi!” (From an art trade with a friend)

Lately I’ve been posting so much drawings on twitter I’ve kinda neglected posting anything here. So I’m going to share some of the work I’ve made the last weeks. (They’ll be spread out during the next couple of days) ^^ Baby snake! *o* ! a package arrived for me today ♥ Mom and dad got such a cruel table (one that Saga doesn’t fit under). Lol Hittade mängder av smultron idag!