Someday I hope to have an entrance as beautiful as this. (It’s near where we live, apparently there’s an artist famous in the area living there.)

"Lazy sunday" Beautiful day today ♥

Saga turns 5 today! 🎂🎉 Eyes are cool. (Taken with my ‘real’ camera) Hope everyone had a nice midsummer! ♥ [photo by @minniewhop ] :) Saga if you only knew what fun is awaiting you tomorrow evening.

Been having #drawpartytime over at twitter tonight. Fun! ^^ In the garden right now (2/2) In the garden right now (1/2)

15 years today. I love you @burning_ng ♥

More #drawpartytime from last friday. (Hopefully I’ll get access to a scanner soon so I can scan these and last week‘s)

Warmup from last friday’s #drawpartytime . Sketch of the beautiful @adrianneho . Hated cleaning then, and hate it now. Not much have changed ;)