Hnnnnnnng how adorable is this???? On a letter I recieved today from amazing artist @falkenhem . Thank you so much ❤ (I hope you don’t mind me sharing this lovely drawing)

Seriously I urge everyone to check out her art, you won’t regret it!
»» Came home to find a big frog was waiting in front of our door. Not often I see them! I wonder if it gets along with the toad that’s sitting next to my roses. I guess the heatwave is driving creatures out more in the open. I think I’m gonna make a little temporary pond little creatures can use for shade and water. Never seen a kopparödla so dark and as big as this one before. It was really beautiful♥ wish I’ve had my dslr with me. !! So beautiful Humid weather = waves My favorite person works there…. Went to Svenska Hambugerköket today with nice company. Good time & delicious food!

Swedish summer sounds. I did yoga on the porch today. . in this heat…gotta say I’m quite proud of myself.

Work in progress. At the beach today ♥

Announcing a name change!
I’ve been feeling for a while now that Studiostrawberri isn’t very representative of me or where I would like to take my art.
So time for a change! I’m going back to using my full name (or variants thereof) from now on.

My homepage will be called studiostrawberri for at least a little while longer.

StudioStrawberri 2004-2014, thank you for all those years!