❤ the new batgirl design. http://ift.tt/1jLDUi5

Tried to draw my friend @karrey :) http://ift.tt/1oyXhXB

Lizard pilot says “Hi!” (From an art trade with a friend)

Lately I’ve been posting so much drawings on twitter I’ve kinda neglected posting anything here. So I’m going to share some of the work I’ve made the last weeks. (They’ll be spread out during the next couple of days) ^^ http://ift.tt/1m8yfwM

http://ift.tt/1qnKNV4 Baby snake! *o*

http://ift.tt/1sC1MEu ! a package arrived for me today ♥

http://ift.tt/1oroNZN Mom and dad got such a cruel table (one that Saga doesn’t fit under). Lol

http://ift.tt/1iJwmve Hittade mängder av smultron idag!

http://ift.tt/1o33tJH Someday I hope to have an entrance as beautiful as this. (It’s near where we live, apparently there’s an artist famous in the area living there.)

"Lazy sunday" http://ift.tt/TgGuiY

http://ift.tt/1qGJrI9 Beautiful day today ♥

Saga turns 5 today! 🎂🎉 http://ift.tt/1szLiQU

http://ift.tt/1j2Cw4J Eyes are cool. (Taken with my ‘real’ camera)

http://ift.tt/UZqqE8 Hope everyone had a nice midsummer! ♥ [photo by @minniewhop ]

http://ift.tt/SUY4ZW :) Saga if you only knew what fun is awaiting you tomorrow evening.