2014.03.19 [Diary drawing] “oh no, not another blackout….” http://ift.tt/1jgy6YK

[Diary drawing] No comment necessary I think. ;P http://ift.tt/1m9vReh

So close… on Flickr.

one of my favourite shots I’ve ever taken. (I miss you Spike)

I’m going to try to take a lot of photos of the house this spring. Not because I think it’s nicely decorated or anything but because it’ll be nice to have when we move away from here (not decided on when yet)..I want to remember how it all looked. Especially since we (mostly me) are in the process of getting rid of a lot of our stuff.
Seriously, we have like ten times (at least!) the amount of things compared to your average person. it needs to stop. I’m giving a lot of it away to a local charity for poor people in Stockholm, but we might have a little garage sale for our friends before that. I’ll put up more information about it later. It’ll be everything from clothes, fabric, games and gadgets.

Paintings corner on Flickr.

I put a lot notes about everything on the flickr photo

[Diary drawing] seeing the cute flowers got me inspired to take some photos. (I put them here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjUwgUVK ) http://ift.tt/1iIL8Ce

Dalarö (spring 2014), a set on Flickr.

Signs of spring finally arrived out here as well <3

Long time no see! (I was getting a lil’ worried actually). My friend came right up to us today on our walk, and followed us tree to tree for about 40 minutes. http://ift.tt/1fmJj60

Late night painting. (I tried to draw my friend @kichisu ) http://ift.tt/MZw0Br

She really did stare at me! guess I had a babyface day lmao http://ift.tt/1oDbZx2

[Diary drawing] trying to save some old items of clothing from being thrown out. http://ift.tt/1ljpMIY

[Diary drawing no.14] thank you all for the reactions these two weeks~
The 14 days are up already and the support has been amazing. Thank you all sooo very much!! 😘

I’ll continue doing these as often as possible but from now on I probably can’t do them _every_ day (and from now on they’ll be dated instead of numbered). http://ift.tt/1i33CIW

[Diary drawing no.13] my poor hands are especially happy! http://ift.tt/NMKnd9

[Diary drawing no.12] ☀✨ http://ift.tt/NJ8KbE

[Diary drawing no.11] Been so much healthier (and happier) since she came into my life. http://ift.tt/NGmZ0Q